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CND Shellac - Nordic Lights (7.3 ml)


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CND Shellac - Nordic Lights (7.3 ml)

Quick Overview

CND Shellac - Nordic Lights

Part of the Winter 2015 Aurora Collection

A deep ppurple packed full of multicoloured and sized glitter.
Cures in 2 mins with UV light

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CND Shellac Nordic Lights

CND Shellac offers the perfect polish look for 14+ days without any chipping or peeling and won't damage your natural nail. Really! It's as easy to apply as any normal nail polish, dries instantly, wears beautifully and is simple to remove in just 10 minutes without any need for drills or files! CND Shellac have 80+ trendsetting colours that can be used on their own or layered to create an infinite range of unique possibilities; use your imagination and never be bored!

CND Shellac Application:
Step 1: Meticulous Nail Prep
- ensuring to push the cuticle from the nail plate and remove all surface contaminants with a cleanser.
Step 2: CND Shellac Power Polish Base Coat Application - ensure to shake the bottle to mix and remove excess product from the brush before application. Apply the base coat to the nail plate and ensure to cap the free edge. Cure for 10 seconds with a 36Watt UV light.
Step 3: CND Shellac Power Polish Butterfly Queen Application - ensure to shake bottle vigorously and remove excess product from the brush by wiping it on the bottle?s neck. Apply one very thin coat of Black Pool to the nail plate and ensure to cap the free edge. Cure for 2 min with 36Watt UV lamp. Repeat step 3 for a second coat.
Step 4: CND Shellac Power Polish Top Coat Application - ensure to shake the bottle to mix and remove excess product from the brush. Apply one very thin coat of top to the nail plate and ensure to cap the free edge. Cure for 2 mins with 36 Watt UV lamp. Remove the tacky/sticky inhibition layer with a lint free pad soaked with 99% isopropyl alcohol or nail cleanser.
Step 5: Rehydrate - ensure you rehydrate the nail plate and cuticles with a cuticle oil and repeat this twice daily to maintain and promote longer wear.

CND Shellac Removal:
Step 1:
Saturate the cotton pad of a remover wrap or foil with an acetone-based remover.
Step 2: Place the pad over the gel and wrap finger. Wait 10-15 mins.
Step 3: Securely grip the finger and apply slight pressure to the fingernail. Using a twisting motion pull the wrap/foil off the finger.
Step 4: Gently push off the remaining gel with an orangewood stick being careful not to scrap the surface layers of the natural nail plate. Remove any product residue with a lint-free pad soaked with remover. If the gel does not come off easily then repeat steps 1-3.
Step 5: Rehydrate the nail and cuticle with a cuticle oil.

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  1. Aptly named colour that is out of this world! review by Pinkie on 07/02/2017

    CND Shellac Nordic Lights. The base colour in this polish is a mauve-y/purple and with the glitter pieces means only two coats required rather than two coats of colour and one of a "special effect" like Zillionaire or Mother Of Pearl. Gives a really nice depth of both colour and glitter reflection. I love the stars in the night sky, the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis so the naming of this polish really appealed to me. I expected that the polish would give some realisation to the the "sky sparkles" and Nordic Lights is perfectly named. Think stars in a Nordic twilight evening sky and that's almost exactly what you'll be wearing on your nails.
    Recommended for those who love sparkle, glitter and obviously...the night sky.

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