Gelish Essentials: The World’s First Brush-in-Bottle Gel Polish

Gelish Essentials: The World’s
First Brush-in-Bottle Gel Polish

If you’ve decided to ditch the acrylic and transform your nails with lashings of luxurious gel polish, then you’ve probably heard all about Gelish® and its revolutionary Soak Off Gel.

Gelish is made by Hand & Nail Harmony, a US Company established in 2009. Describing its nail polish as the “first brush-in-bottle gel polish ever invented” Gelish is proud to call itself an innovator in the nail care industry, and with its patented formula is now available in over 80 countries worldwide, the popularity of this iconic nail polish is growing almost as fast as its incredible colour collection.

When my nail technician first suggested I try Harmony Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish back in 2014, I have to admit, I had my reservations. After years of damaging my nails with acrylics, I’d decided to go au-naturel for a while, but 3 weeks in, I was beginning to miss my gorgeous glossy nails and the polished appearance of professionally manicured hands. With the promise of vibrant colour for up to 3 weeks and no nail damage, I decided to give Gelish Gel Polish a go, and they rest, as they say, is history.


What is Gelish Nail Polish?

So, what is Gelish I hear you ask? Well, as the name would suggest, Gelish is a gel based nail colour system that is applied like regular nail polish before being cured under an LED lamp to create a smooth finish and lasting shine. Much like CND Shellac and OPI GelColor, Gelish Gel Polish is applied professionally at a nail salon, and when done correctly, it can provide up to 3 weeks of solid colour without chipping or peeling.

A popular choice with professional nail technicians, Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish is quick and easy to apply, and it delivers consistently good results. It soaks off in just 10 – 15 minutes, although admittedly, it takes a little more work than some of its counterparts, and it is currently available in over 170 gorgeous colours.

Gelish Colours

Whether you prefer the crisp appearance of a French Manicure of the inimitable glamour of bright red nails, you’re all but guaranteed to find your perfect colour in the Gelish Colours Collection. At the time of writing (typing) there are 171 shades available, ranging from subtle pastels such as Simply Irresistible and Pink Smoothie to vibrant corals, bold blues, envy inducing greens, shimmering metallics, sassy reds, and deep chocolaty browns that never fails to bring out your inner diva.

In keeping with this years biggest nail trend – glitter nails, Gelish have released a gorgeous collection of bobby dazzlers including Girls Night Out, All that Glitters is Gold, and my particular favourite for the coming party season, Am I Making You Gelish, which is a gorgeous glitter ball of silver sparkle.


Gelish Colour Application  

Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish is a professional product that should be applied and removed in salon by a qualified nail technician. For the control freaks amongst us, this can be a bit daunting, but you only have to go every 3 weeks, so sit back, relax, and think of gorgeous nails! Here’s what you can expect during your appointment:

Step 1: Your hands and nails will be sanitized

Step 2: Your nails and cuticles will be prepped to ensure a clean nail plate

Step 3: Your nails will be shaped and filed

Step 4: Your nails will be buffed slightly to remove any shine

Step 5: Any dust and debris will be removed with a lint-free wipe with Gelish Nail Surface Cleanse

Step 6: A thin coat of PH Bond Nail Prep will be applied

Step 7: Next up comes a thin coat of Foundation Base Gel – which will be cured under the LED light for 5 seconds

Step 8: Now your nails are ready for colour a thin coat of Gelish Soak-Off Polish will be applied before being cured for 30 seconds in the LED lamp. A second coat of polish will be applied and cured for a further 30 seconds.

Step 9: A thin coat of Top It Off Sealer Gel will be applied to the nail and cured for 30 seconds to seal in the magic.

Step 10: The nails will be cleaned with Nail Surface Cleanse and a lint-free wipe to remove any sticky residue, before a drop of cuticle oil is applied to each nail to restore moisture levels.


Gelish Colour is designed to last for up to 3 weeks, but I’ve gone 4 weeks before and it still looked fab. It’s time-consuming and it costs money to have a Gelish manicure, but it really is an investment, and in the words of L’Oréal – you’re so worth it!


Gelish Colour Removal

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s much quicker to take off Gelish Nail Colour than it is to put it on, it is called ‘Soak-Off’ after all.

Step 1: The top seal of the gel will be buffed slightly to ‘rough up’ the surface and remove shine.

Step 2: Your nail tech will then soak a Wrap It Off Foil Wrap or a simple cotton pad in Artificial Nail Remover before applying it to the nail. This will be left to soak for 15 minutes.

Step 3: The foil or pad will be removed using a gentle twisting action to remove as much of the gel as possible, before an orangewood stick is used to remove any final traces.

Step 4: Your nail will be lightly buffed to restore it to its natural beauty before a drop of cuticle oil is added and massaged in the skin and nail.

Gelish Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer

In addition to its best-selling Soak-Off Gel Polish, Gelish also produce a range of professional nail lacquers that you can apply at home, without an LED lamp, called Morgan Taylor®. Named after the daughters of Gelish Founder Danny Haile and President David Daniel, this luxurious nail polish is described as “the crème de la crème of nail colour” and you know what, it is pretty creamy! It goes on like a dream, and it lasts for a solid 7 days.

What makes Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer truly unique, is that it is infused with rare and precious elements to create a never-before-seen shimmer. Taking its inspiration from semi-precious gemstones and luminous pearls, this exclusive collection exceeds all expectations, and best of all, its free from harmful ingredients such as toluene and formaldehyde.

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer is available in the same great shades as Gelish Soak-Off Gel, so you never have to compromise on your favourite colour. Application is a simple 3-step process, and it removes in exactly the same way as regular nail varnish with Strip Ease Nail Lacquer Remover.

Before applying Morgan Taylor Nail Colour, prep, shape and cleanse the nails to ensure smooth application:

  1. Apply a single coat of Stick with It Base Coat and allow to dry.
  2. Apply two coats of your favourite Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer – allowing the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.
  3. Finish with a thin layer of Need for Speed Top Coat and you are ready to go.

morgan taylor

Harmony Gelish Gel Polish: For Special Occasions & Every Day

The beauty of Harmony Gelish Gel Polish is that it really does last. A single manicure will last up to 3 weeks without those dreaded cracks appearing around the tips of your nails, and it even works for people like me who spend much of their day tapping away on a keyboard.

While thicker than other gels such as Shellac, Gelish doesn’t look or feel clumpy, and so you can even get away with it on shorter nails. A great choice for special occasions such as your wedding day, Gelish Gel Polish can be applied 3 or 4 days before your wedding and last right through until the end of your honeymoon, and so you can spend less time worrying about your nails and more time being the fabulous new bride.

Gelish manicures are also perfect for summer holidays where you can sun, swim, and party away and never have to give your nails a second thought. Once cured and sealed, Gelish polish stays put, and so it’s a great investment for any woman who loves the appearance of well-manicured and perfectly polished nails.

When it comes to Christmas and all the celebrations that surround it, Gelish Gel Polish is the obvious choice. It comes in a fabulous selection of festive colours, there’s plenty of sparkly metallics too, and again, a single manicure is going to see you from the Christmas Party to New Year’s Day, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about this festive season is finding that perfect party dress.

Manicures are no longer seen as an indulgence but as an everyday necessity for modern women. In a recent article in Harper’s Bazaar, it was revealed that the average woman in the UK spends £4,500 per year on their annual beauty regime, and so if you feel guilty about getting your nails done once per month – stop!

Get those gorgeous nails girlfriend and make everyone jealous with a little bit of Gelish!