Gold Nail Polish: Give Your Mani the Midas Touch

Gold Nail Polish: Give Your Mani the Midas Touch

Gold is the obvious choice for festive nails. It’s glittery, it’s glamorous, and it’s more than a little bit gorgeous, and so it makes me ask myself, why do we save gold nails for Christmas?  We could indulge in our own mini goldrush every time we have a manicure, and if gold nail polish is good enough for Rihanna, Beyoncé, J-Lo, and Gaga to wear throughout the year, well ladies, it’s good enough for us!

Nail colour trends come and go with the seasons, but gold nail polish is a perennial favourite that coordinates with both summer and winter fashions. It the warmer months, it adds a lustrous shine to beachwear, festival ensembles, and sultry summer nights, while in the colder months, it lends a touch of glamour to chunky knitwear and those winters warmers that can leave us feeling a tad frumpy. And so gold nail varnish belongs in the cosmetics bag of every modern woman – girls, it’s time to get your gold on!

Gold polish

50 Shades of Gold – Nail Polish for Every Day of the Year

Dick Whittington may have us believe that the Streets of London are paved with gold, but I’ve yet to find more than a rusty tuppence on my adventures in the big city, and I’m pretty sure that there are no pots of gold at the end of a rainbow, but gold nail polish is available everywhere, and it comes in more shades, tones, and metallic hues than you ever thought possible.

All the big named nail polish brands such as CND Shellac, OPI, China Glaze and Gelish have introduced gold nail polish to their signature collections, and most of them release a festive selection sprinkled with glitter in time for the season of goodwill, and so whether you are looking for sophisticated shimmer or full on disco-ball glamour, you’re dream golden nail polish is out there just waiting to be discovered.

Gold Nails by Shellac

Shellac is a global icon when it comes to premium gel polish, and their colour collection continues to grow year after year. Shellac embraced the gold rush years ago and offer a selection of gilded shades to suit every taste. Safety Pin remains a firm customer favourite as it shimmers with a subtle golden shade without being overpowering. For those looking for more of a yellow gold, Brass Buttons could be the perfect choice, although I’m in love with the brand new Bellini that sparkles with tiny speckles of gold glitter… It matches perfectly with a glass of Champagne!

In Shellac’s new Wonderball Collection, you’ll find Ballroom Baubles Nail Polish with a gorgeous gold hue, while over in the Nightspell Collection there’s Mercurial, a delightfully decadent shade of gold with a metallic bronze twist.

OPI Gold Nail Polish Collection

If there is a specialist in the world of gold nail polish, it would have to be OPI. Its collections are updated throughout the year with limited-edition colours, and so you’ll always find a selection of gold hues to choose from when opting for an OPI manicure.

The Gift of Gold Never Gets Old is a particular favourite of mine as it is subtle, yet it has a gorgeous shimmer that catches your eye when you least expect it.  OPI also offer a range of metallic gold nail polished such as Glitzerland, Upfront & Personal, and Glow the Extra Mile, and in keeping with this season’s biggest nail varnish trend, they’ve released a dazzling array of gold glitter nail polishes including Dazzling Dew Drop, Gold Key to the Kingdom and This Changes Everything!

How OPI comes up with their nail varnish names, I’ll never know, but as long as they keep updating their gel polish collections with gorgeous gold hues, well, they can call them whatever they like!

Gold Nails by Gelish

Gelish currently offer over 170 different nail polish colours, but they’re a bit tight when it comes to gold, with just six shimmering sensations in their hugely popular gel polish collection. While their range may not be vast, the gold nail varnishes they offer are simply stunning, with Golden Treasure, Bronzed, and Give Me Gold being personal favourites.

For full on festive glamour, give the Gelish All That Glitters Is Gold nail polish a try. Its like an explosion in a gold glitter factory and guarantees to leave you feeling like a million dollars.

gelish gold

When to Wear Gold Nail Polish

While the festive season provides us with the perfect opportunity to try out new nail polishes and makeup that we might not dare to wear and any other time of the year, we really shouldn’t save gold nail varnish for Christmas. Glitter – maybe, but subtle gold can be worn throughout the seasons to give your nails a glistening glow and brighten any outfit.

Gold nails work perfectly with summer holiday wardrobes, and so treat yourself to a golden mani and pedicure before heading off on your next overseas adventure and shine on that beach girlfriend!

Pale gold nail varnish works exceptionally well with contemporary bridal gowns too, so if you find the classic French Manicure a tad boring, go for gold on your wedding day – it will stand out beautifully on your wedding ring photos.

Finally, they say that All that Glitters is not Gold, but with gold nail polish, that’s just not the case! So, have a gold manicure next time you visit the salon, unleash your inner goddess, and leave a sprinkling of sparkle wherever you go!