How to Repair Damaged Nails

How to Repair Damaged Nails

Many women today are in a constant battle with their damaged nails sometimes as a result of the constant exposure to a range of chemicals generally used at the salon or at home when getting a manicure. Many of these chemicals have been known to thin the nails making them weak, dry and highly prone to splitting, pealing and breaking. Occasionally some women simply are prone to have weak nails and not as a result of the chemicals used in the manicure.

Having said that, whether your nails have been damaged by an over exposure to the chemicals or genetically inherited, in this article I will introduce a number of measures you can take to repair those damaged nails and help them to naturally grow stronger, longer and healthier. Reversing nail damage and restoring healthy nails does take some time; however by following these steps, you will be able to effectively repair your damaged nails in no time.

The first thing you'll need to do is to apply a clear strengthening polish to your nails every other day consistently until your nails are healed. My favorite nail treatments are the OPI Nail Envy product line.  This may take anywhere between two to three months depending on how badly your nails have been damaged. Many of these clear strengthening polishes are known for containing a number of minerals including, calcium and protein to strengthen the natural bonding of the nail in addition to serving as a protective measure for the nail.

Use a cuticle oil or moisturiser containing vitamin E to apply to your hands and fingernails at night just before going to bed. It has been scientifically proven that vitamin E when included in the cuticle oil and moisturiser nourishes and promotes the healthy growth of your nails. My favorite is CND SolarOil because it smells beautiful.


Using extra virgin olive oil, soak your fingernails for ten to fifteen minutes daily for one month. After one month you can lessen the times by soaking twice each week to continue moisturizing and strengthening your nails.

Whenever doing chores around the home which includes the use of cleaning chemicals such as washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, always wear a pair of cotton interior lined rubber gloves to protect your hands and fingernails.

Include foods rich in biotin such as avocado, whole grains and cauliflower into your daily diet. Biotin has been found to be necessary for cellular growth, the production of fatty acids and helpful in maintaining a steady blood sugar level. It has been recommended by dietitians as an important dietary supplement for strengthening hair and nails.

Tips to maintaining healthier nails

  • Always ensure the proper removal of your artificial nail enhancements, gels or Shellac to avoid or minimize any damage to your natural nail. Before removing, cut the your artificial nails as short as possible to your natural nail. It is best to use remover foils to minise the exposure of the acetone based solution required for the removal of your artificial nail enhancements, gels or Shellac polishes.
  • Avoid changing your colored nail polish too often, nonetheless whenever changing try not to remove the strengthening polish which serves as a protective measure for your nails as most of the nail-polish removers are known for stripping the natural oils and minerals from the nails resulting in the damaging of the fingernails. It is best to use a remover that is enriched with oils and vitamins.
  • Protect your nails when using chemicals, washing dishes, cleaning, and gardening.
  • Use cuticle oil and/or moisteriser often!