Nail Art: Put Your Stamp On It

Nail Art: Put Your Stamp On It

When it comes to Nail Art, everyone’s doing it! Popstars, sports professionals, a-list celebrities, you name it, they’re doing it, and if you fancy dabbling with this season’s biggest nail trend, it’s time to talk to your nail tech about nail art, nail stamping and a whole lot of glitter, sequins and gems!


The Nail Art Phenomenon

Nail art has taken the world by storm. No longer seen as just nail decoration, nail art is used as a show of patriotism (think Rebecca Adlington’s Union Jack Nails at the 2012 Olympics), to express our political points of view (Katy Perry at Obama rallies), and to show a rebellious streak (if you haven’t seen what Lyndsay Lohan painted on her nails during a 2010 court appearance – Google it!), and so it is so much more than a nail fashion trend.

The beauty of nail art is that it is affordable, and it can be fully customised to complement any outfit and every occasion. That said, there are celebrities out there who are willing to pay a fortune for a nail art manicure, with some even opting for genuine diamonds!

In 2013, Kelly Osbourne adorned her nails with Azature White Diamond Nail Polish infused with genuine diamonds. Listed as “the most expensive manicure in the world” it is believed to be worth $1 million US dollars, although us common folk can get the budget version for a mere $30,000!

On this side of the pond, English singer and actress Rita Ora showcased her love of nail art at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) when she famously wore bright red nails embellished with tiny hand-crafted spiders and bows made from real diamonds. Her nail art manicure by celebrity nail guru Barbara Windsor (not to be confused with our very own Babs from East Enders!) is thought to have cost $56,000 – a bargain at $5,600 per finger, but worry not, you can get your own diamante embellished nails for much less, and no-one will ever know the difference!

Everyday Nail Art for Everyday Women

While nail art was once reserved for special occasions such as wedding days, holidays, and festive celebrations, it is now an every-day accessory for women over every age, as I realised during a recent visit with my 79 year old aunt who proudly showed me her shimmering blue nails with glitzy gem accents.

Today, nail art can be as bold or as subtle as you like, and there are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from. You could go for a pretty floral display, glitter nails, rainbow nails, classic stripes, polka dots, neon brights, ombre nails, abstract nail art, 3D nail art, the options really are endless and limited only by imagination, but you’ll find all the inspiration you need online.

If you are a business professional, you may want to keep your nail art subtle with classic chevron stripes or single colour nails with a coordinated gemstone on each ring finger. This will provide you with the glamorous nails you deserve without distracting work colleagues and business partners from the job at hand.

Busy stay-at-home mums, especially those with young children, may want to avoid nail jewels, diamantes, and other items such as sequins that cold scratch or snag, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t treat themselves to a nail art mani every now again. You don’t need to add jewels and stones to make your nails stand out, you can create outstanding nails with colour combinations and nail art stamps, which allow you to push the boundaries of design.

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Nail Art Stamping

If you are yet to uncover the world of nail art stamping, you are in for a treat. As the name would suggest, Nail Art Stamping involves stamping a design onto the surface of freshly painted nails before sealing it with a top coat.

Stamping nail art comes in endless different designs, from flowers and butterflies to snowflakes and mandalas, and so you can really let your imagination run wild and create a set of nails that demand attention. You’ll even find nail art stamps for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween, and of course, there are numerous options available for the festive season including Santas, reindeers, snowmen and Christmas trees.

Nail art stamping is ideal for those who find it difficult to create a uniformed look with nail art pens and varnish, and while they do take a little time to apply, they last as long as your manicure, so you can enjoy gorgeous artistic nails for two or even three weeks.

Other popular nail art trends include bejewelled strips, foil transfers, and metallic tape, so why not have a go at nail art at home, or better still, head to your local nail salon for a spot of pampering this weekend.

They say that your nails say everything about you, and if that’s the case, mine are saying that I’m a shimmering gold goddess! What are your nails saying about your?