Complete Set of Silcare Cuticle Oils (16 x bottles)

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Complete set of Silcare Cuticle Oils (16 x bottles)

A special 16 bottle bundle set of Silcare Cuticle Oils

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Complete set of Silcare Cuticle Oils (16 x bottles)

An intensive hydration and regeneration nail and cuticle treatment scented with a selection of lovely fragrances. The Garden of Colour's Nail Oil by Silcare encourages strong, healthy and naturally shiny nails.

The handy 15ml bottles come with a convenient pipette for easy, fast and precise application of the oil.

Also contains Almond and Peach oil essential for skincare. Almond Oil contains a range of nutrients, such as protein, vitamins A, E, D and B, and Peach Oil will strengthen and harden the nail plate, stopping any brittleness, and preventing splitting.
Fragrances Included in this bundle:
Yummy Gummy Pink
Yellow Lemon
Sky Blue Vanilla
Rubin Orange
Raspberry Light Pink
Peach Nature
Orange Mango
Melon Light Green
Kiwi Deep Green
Havana Banana
Flower Power
Crimson Strawberry
Coconut Sea Blue
Cherry Wine
Apple Red
Almond Clear
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HOW TO USE: Apply oil on each nail, then massage into nail plate and peel. Use daily in the evening and after a manicure or pedicure.