Elegant Touch Pre-Glued Perfect 10 False Nails - Honeymoon

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Pre-Glued False Nails in a Honeymoon Shade.

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The Elegant Touch Pre-Glued Perfect 10 False Nails are simple to apply and will hold for up to a week if applied following the instructions.


The Pack Contains 24 Nails In 12 Sizes, and are Pre-Glued.

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Prep - Clean the nail surface with the enclosed prep wipe.

Place - Select your correct nail size and place on natural nail underneath the cuticle.

Press - Press and hold down firmly, applying pressure for 10 seconds.



Saturate - Apply Cuticle Oil and rub around the edges of the false nail to loosen the glue.

Peel - Gently and carefully peel the false nail from the sides to remove.

Treat - Treat the natural nail with the cuticle oil to remove any excess glue.