OPI Infinite Shine - Seven Wonders of OPI 15ml (Peru Collection)

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Part of the Peru Collection

3 step system - OPI Infinite Shine Primer(1), Colour (2) and Gloss(3)
Air dry - No UV/LED light required

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OPI INFINITE SHINE - Seven Wonders of OPI - the second step in this 3 step system.

An awe-inspiring wondrous mauve from the Peru Collection.

A Revolution in Nail Colour – now you can get gel-like shine without the need for an expensive light! Infinite Shine delivers up to 10 days of gel-like shine. It is removed easily with lacquer remover in seconds. Love it!

Application process for perfect results:

STEP 1: MANICURE - Perform a meticulous manicure and push back cuticles. Cleanse the nail bed to rid it of any oils and contaminates.
STEP 2: PRIME - Apply one thin coat of Infinite Shine Primer Base Coat and ensure to cap the free edges as well.
STEP 3: LACQUER - Apply a very thin coat of Infinite Shine Colour on to each nail and ensure to cap the free edges. TIP: use as few strokes as possible for a smooth even layer. Repeat. After colour application is complete wait 2 minutes before next step.
STEP 3: GLOSS - Apply a thin layer of Infinite Shine Gloss Top Coat to each nail. TIP use as few strokes as possible for the smoothest finish.
Remove excess lacquer from the skin with cuticle stick dipped in lacquer remover.
STEP 4: HYDRATE -Allow Top coat to dry then apply a cuticle oil to rehydrate your nailbed and cuticles. Reapply cuticle oil daily to maximise wear-time.

PROTIPS: Always cap free edges. Thin layers perform best.

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