Silcare Base One Builder Gel - Clear 15g

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Silcare Base One Builder Gel - Clear 15g


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Base One Clear Builder Gel is a transparent gel from Silcare, ideal to build on to the natural nail and on tips/forms.

This is a medium-thick and self-leveling gel and must be cured under a 36watt UV Lamp (Not an LED).


  • Acid-free product!
  • Colourless
  • Medium thick
  • Self-levelling 


This product is not a soak-off gel and requires an E-file to remove.

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HOW TO USE: spread the gel on the nail plate and cure in a UV lamp with power of 36 watts for 2 min. The top layer after wiping does not require additional polishing.

Base One Line is a single-phase linewhich thanks to the development from the best products combined in the right proportions, it can be used in a three-phase processThanks to it used decorations  will last longer, and we will longer enjoy their intensity.

The first step is a gel underlay (e.g. Base Gel One Bonder) that increases the adhesion of the gel massIdeal for any type of nail plate. The gel forms a protective filter between the nail and the gel which increases the adhesion of subsequent gels. Used exclusively for gel method.

The cured gel layer of "Bonder" is a primer for the second step, which is building the layermade with gel such as Base One Clear - V. The third step is a gel such as Base One Shining, which fits perfectly with the previous layers and adds shine to the nails.