The Edge Acrylic Nails Quick Dipping Kit

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The perfect starter kit for acrylic nails

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The Edge Quick Nails Dipping Kit
Perfect Starter Kit
Offering a great introduction in the Acrylic enhancements.   This quick dipping kit is a great for a student or someone starting their journey into nails
A quick and popular method of extending and enhancing the nail, it can be used over tips or to help strengthen the natural nail.  The resin is then applied and dipped into the sifted extra-fine acrylic powders and then sprayed with a fast-acting activator
  • 40g quick nails dipping powder
  • 50ml quick nails spray set
  • quick nail resin
  • nail glue
  • tip blender
  • 5 x manicure sticks
  • 60ml sanitising spray
  • 60ml acetone
  • 10ml cuticle oil
  • 50 x lint free pads
  • 100ml nail fresh
  • 20 x assorted ultra tips
  • 20 x assorted french tips
  • 20 x assorted active tips
  • 20 x assorted big c tips
  • 20 x assorted olympic tips
  • 3-way jumbo buffer
  • duraboard 100/180 and 240/240 files
  • white sanding block
  • 2 x dappen dishes
  • tip cutters
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