About CCO Nail Gel

About CCO Nail Gel


A more affordable alternative to Shellac, CCO is a nail gel manufacturer established in 2004 with a focus on the development and production of low cost quality nail gels for home use. Popular in Europe, North America and Africa, CCO continues to grow from strength to strength with over 300 classic colours, unique temperature changing gels and textured glitters.

CCO Nail Gels have serial numbers but users have given them the names of colours by other brands in order to easily identify them.

Unlike traditional nail polish that only last a few days before it starts to chip or peel CCO UV gel polish not only lasts at least 14 days but also retains that fabulous high gloss shine. Cure in a UV or LED for fast curing means the polish has a zero dry time. Once the top coat has been cured in the UV/LED lamp that's it. No waiting around on your nails to dry.

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CCO Application & Removal Instructions


Curing Times

LED Lamp: 30 seconds or 60 seconds dependent on LED lamp
UV Lamp: 120 seconds


Prep and file nails by removing shine and rough ridges from nails. Clean oil/dirt off nails to ensure a smooth and sanitized surface prior to application.

  1. Shake each bottle before use to blend.
  2. Apply a thin layer of CCO base coat evenly onto the nail surface and cure in the UV/LED lamp for 10 seconds.
  3. Apply a thin and even first coat of CCO UV gel colour polish and cure.
  4. Apply a second thin and even coat of CCO UV gel colour polish and cure.
  5. Apply a thin even layer of CCO top coat and cure.
  6. Wipe the nails with a lint free wipe cleanser (alcohol rub) to remove any sticky residue and reveal that high gloss shine.
  7. Repeat this process on the other hand.

NB: Please note that after each application the nails will feel sticky/tacky to touch.


  1. Soak a foil remover wrap with a gel remover.
  2. Wrap the foil remover wrap around your fingertip and nail and squeeze to form a finger cap.
  3. Leave on for approximately 10 minutes, then with a twisting motion gently remove the foil remover wrap.
  4. Finally, gently remove any leftover CCO UV gel polish with an orange wood stick.  
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