About CND

About CND



CND is an award-winning nail care brand and a global leader in professional nail polish systems. Providing pigment-rich lacquers for salon applications, CND Shellac® describes itself as “the nail industry’s most innovative company”. You only have to use its colour coating systems to understand why nail technicians worldwide choose this brand over any other.

The History Of CND Shellac

Founded by dentist Dr Stuart Nordstrom in 1979, CND or Creative Nail Design Inc. is an international nail care brand synonymous with quality. Inspired by a conversation that he had with one of his patients, who mentioned that the material he was using to secure a temporary crown smelled just like the material used to sculpt porcelain nails, Nordstrom developed SolarNail™ Liquid, the industry’s first monomer for acrylic nails.

As the first product on the market to deliver non-yellowing nail colour, SolarNail™ Liquid became an instant success with nail technicians in North America. By the 1980s, the company was doubling its revenues every year, and in 1996, American multinational cosmetics giant Revlon acquired CND for an undisclosed amount. Today, CND nail care products are available in 65 countries worldwide, and the popularity of the brand continues to grow.

CND Shellac Nail Care Products

CND produces more than 400 high-quality products ranging from nail enhancements and coatings to body lotions and spa treatments, but it is its professional-grade nail polishes that stand out. Invented by chemists and developed in state-of-the-art laboratories, CND SHELLAC® has revolutionised the nail industry and changed the way we colour our nails today. Exclusively designed for salon application, it is the original gel polish.

CND Shellac comes in over 100 gorgeous colours, with shades to suit every outfit, occasion, and taste. CND nail lacquer collections include English Garden, Wild Earth, Glacial Illusion, Nightspell, New Wave, and Crystal Alchemy, where you’ll find everything from pale nudes to the brightest neon. There is something for everyone.

The beauty of CND is that that they have matched colours across the Shellac and Vinylux ranges (please visit our CND VINYLUX page), so you can have your favourite shade applied professionally for a special occasion or holiday, and apply the same great colour at home.


Shellac is the original CND gel polish that offers up to three weeks of beautiful, chip-free nails. A professional-quality colour system designed exclusively for salon application; it requires a base coat, colour coat, topcoat, and LED curing to ensure a perfect finish.

CND Shellac nail lacquers come in over 100 designer shades, with a fabulous collection of colours to take you through the seasons. Adored by nail technicians worldwide for its easy-application brush that ensures complete coverage in a single stroke, this gel polish is an everyday luxury for fingers and toes. Here are our application and removal tips:


  1. Perform a manicure, pushing back the cuticles and cleaning the nail plate to eliminate any surface contaminates
  2. Shake the bottle and apply a thin layer of CND Shellac Base Coat, capping the tip of each nail, before curing with CND LED lamp (10 sec) or UV Light (1 min).
  3. To apply Shellac colour coat, shake the bottle vigorously, remove excess product from the brush, apply a thin layer capping the tip of the nail, and cure with CND LED lamp (1 min) or UV Light (2 min).
  4. Apply Second Coat of CND Shellac: repeat step three.
  5. To apply Shellac Top Coat, shake the bottle and apply a thin layer, capping all nail edges before curing with CND LED lamp (1 min) or UV Light (2 min).
  6. Remove the top film with a lint-free pad soaked in 99% isopropyl alcohol.
  7. Condition nails with CND SolarOil™ or any cuticle oil for hydration.

When applying CND SHELLAC™, you’ll achieve best results if you apply thin layers of nail polish and cap each nail to form a seal. Using SolarOil™ or cuticle oil daily after application will keep your freshly painted nails in perfect condition for longer.


  1. Soak a cotton pad or CND™ Foil Remover Wrap with acetone-based remover or OFFLY FAST™ and wrap around the nail. If, you are using cotton pads, secure in place with regular aluminium foil.
  2. Leave the nails to soak for 8-10 minutes.
  3. Securely grip each wrap, and applying slight pressure to the fingernail, pull it off to remove as much Shellac polish as possible. Discard the wrap or foil.
  4. Use an orangewood stick to gently remove any remaining product, taking care not to scrape the nail plate.
  5. Remove any residue with a cotton pad saturated with nail polish remover or OFFLY FAST™.
  6. Rinse the hands and apply cuticle oil.

If your CND SHELLAC nail polish does not come off with ease, do not be tempted scrape as it will damage your nails. Repeat the removal process above, soaking your nails for a further 5-6 minutes to gently lift the lacquer from the surface of the nail.  

Why You Should Choose CND Shellac

As a brand committed to honesty, integrity, respect, and trust, CND is a name revered by nail professionals worldwide. Through the CND Creative Academy, the brand offers the best educational resources in the industry for nail care professionals, with multiple training programs for those who want to become CND masters. As it's colour collections continue to grow, so does the popularity of this Californian based nail polish brand. One perfectly painted nail at a time.

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