About CND Vinylux



Creative Nail Design (CND) is one of the most innovative and respected brands in the nail polish industry. Makers of CND Shellac and CND Vinylux, pigment-rich nail lacquers for salon professionals and home applications, it's a company revered for its colour coating systems, nail care products, and educational programs that have assisted thousands of technicians worldwide.

The History Of CND VINYLUX

The history of CND Vinylux dates back over 40 years, when Dr Stuart Nordstrom, a practising dentist, came up with the idea of SolarNail™ Liquid in 1979. The first monomer of its kind for acrylic nails; it improved nail strength and flexibility, and it was the only product on the market to offer non-yellowing nail colour. It became an instant hit with nail technicians both nationally and internationally, and it is still available today.

Such was the popularity of SolarNail™ Liquid that by the 1980s, the company was doubling its revenues year upon year and, in 2009, it launched the Colour & Effects range of professional nail polishes. A year later, CND revolutionised the industry with SHELLAC®, the first gel colour to last 14-days or more without chipping, and in 2013, it announced the launch of VINYLUX® long-wear nail polish for home applications.

Now a part of Revlon, America’s leading cosmetics multinational, CND shares its platform with some of the biggest brands in the industry. Its CND Vinylux nail polish is available in over 65 countries worldwide.

CND Vinylux Nail Care Products

While CND SHELLAC™ is exclusively for professional nail technicians, CND VINYLUX™ is easy to apply and suitable for home applications. Developed by scientists at CND’s state-of-the-art facility, it features adhesion promoters that bond directly to the natural nail without the need for a base coat. And a single application delivers seven days of chip-free wear.

CND Vinylux weekly polish offers best results when used with other items in the CND nail care range, particularly the VINYLUX™ Weekly Top Coat, which uses ProLight Technology™ to create a colour protection shield. While you do not need to use a base coat with this long-lasting nail varnish, CND recommends that you apply RIDGEFX™ surface enhancer before Vinylux if you have dry or damaged nails and use SolarOil cuticle conditioner for hydration.

CND Vinylux nail polishes come in over 100 gorgeous colours, with shades to suit every outfit and any occasion. While the brand updates its collections throughout the year to ensure it offers nail colours to match the latest runway fashions, you will always find your perfect nude, pink, orange, red, purple, brown, green, blue, yellow, black, metallic, or glitter varnish in this best-selling range.

Thanks to its nail-hugging application brush, CND Vinylux nail lacquer is easy to apply and guarantees perfect results every time. It lasts up to four times longer than regular nail polish, yet you can remove it in just the same way with OFFLY FAST™ or any other acetone-based remover.


CND Vinylux is long-wear nail polish for home application. Infused with keratin, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to strengthen the nails, it delivers a gel-like shine without LED curing, and a single application can last up to 7-days when applied with CND Vinylux™ Top Coat.

For healthy, high fashion nails at home, CND Vinylux nail polish is a perfect choice. It comes in a kaleidoscope of colours, metallics, and glitter finishes and, it takes just minutes to apply:

How To Apply CND Vinylux

  1. Prepare your nails by pushing back cuticles and cleansing to remove any oil or contaminates
  2. Shake bottle and apply a thin coat of Vinylux colour – cap free edges – allow to dry
  3. Apply a second thin coat (if needed) – cap free edges – allow drying
  4. Shake bottle and apply a thin layer of Vinylux Top Coat – cap free edges – allow to dry
  5. Remove any excess lacquer from the skin using a cuticle stick
  6. Apply cuticle oil
  7. Enjoy for 7-days and remove it with CND nail polish remover

When applying CND Vinylux nail polish, use sparingly; a little goes a long way, and try to use as few strokes as possible to achieve a professional salon finish. Make sure your nails are dry between steps and, apply cuticle oil daily after application.

Why You Should Choose CND Vinylux

If you are looking for a salon professional nail polish that you can apply at home without LED curing, CND VINYLUX™ should be your number #1 choice. Scientifically formulated with adhesion promotors, it adheres directly to the nail, removing the need for a base coat, and promises up to 7-days of chip-free wear. Vinylux comes in the same great colours as CND Shellac™ so you can enjoy your favourite gel colour without a trip to the nail salon.

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