About MoYou

About MoYou


Nail art is BIG and getting bigger. MoYou London harness fashion and creativity to bring the best of nail art to the world. Their team are passionate about nail art and work tirelessly in all stages including design, production, distribution and marketing of all their products.

MoYou London’s range of stamping nail art plates and nail polish options is unrivalled in terms of quality and choice, featuring the biggest catalogue of designs in the world. Best of all, it’s growing every day!

Stamping nail art is the process of using engraved stainless steel to transfer designs to your nails within minutes. In other words, getting a trendy and intricate nail art in very little time and effort, from the comfort of your home!

MoYou London has the largest range of stamping nail art designs in the industry, with over 700 image plates and 10,000 patterns. In addition, the brand launches a theme collection every month, which is directed towards a new niche in the market.

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Stamping Nail Art? How To Use:

Step 1 - Polish. Apply nail polish to the design you choose.

Step 2 - Scrape. Use a scraper to remove any excess nail polish.

Step 3 - Pick Up. In a rolling motion - pick up the design using the stamp.

Step 4 - Stamp! In a rolling motion - stamp the design onto the nail.




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