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Best Nail Polish Advent Calendars Last Year and What Should I Look Out For 2021?

Best Nail Polish Advent Calendars

Christmas is just around the corner. For kids and big kids alike, advent calendars are a festive staple. However, sometimes chocolate behind each door just won’t do. For nail polish enthusiasts, a nail polish advent calendar should be at the top of your list.

Nail polish advent calendars have become increasingly popular in recent years. What better way to brighten up the days leading up to the big day than unveiling a new nail polish shade?

However, there are loads of different nail polish advent calendars on the market now. So we thought we’d make your Christmas shopping easier by rounding up the best of the bunch from 2020. Not only that, we'll give you some handy hints on how to choose an advent calendar you'll love. 

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Difference Between CND Shellac and CND Vinylux

A manicure is not just a manicure, it enhances an outfit, reflects your personality. You can change it depending on your mood, the season and just because. The geniuses at CND know this. As well as their flagship range, Shellac, they now also offer Vinylux. But what is CND Vinylux and how is it different from Shellac?

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Fake CND Products, How To Spot Them: An Updated Guide

Fake CND
Fake polishes of leading brands are an increasingly frustrating reality for industry professionals and spotting them can be very tricky. Despite regular changes made by the brands to the design of their bottles and labelling, fake polish producers can often manage to duplicate these changes very successfully. Nicely Polished only sells 100% genuine products and will continue to do so. So how do you spot fake CND Shellac polish?

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