About Silcare



Silcare® is a global cosmetics brand specialising in professional gel nail polish and award-winning skincare products at affordable prices. It creates all of its products in-house at a state-of-the-art research and development centre in Poland and exports to over 120 countries worldwide. With over 1,200 colours available in the Silcare® nail polish range, it offers more than any other nailcare brand.

The History of Silcare®

Established in 2004, Silcare® is a Polish company committed to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility. A European leader in the light-cured nail varnish industry, Silcare offers a vast selection of products and colours for professional nail care salons, with its current product catalogue spanning over 100 pages.

Silcare® Headquarters is a 36,000m2 manufacturing facility in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland. The company employs a team of qualified biotechnologists, chemists, cosmetologists and pharmacists, and over 600 employees in its technology, graphic design, production, and packaging departments.

Together, the Silcare team have developed some of the finest gel nail polishes, skincare products, hair care products, and accessories available on the market today. It is the only nail care brand in the world to offer over 1,200 colours, and as it produces everything in-house, it delivers its goods at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Silcare® does not test its products on animals. Experienced specialists with years of experience in dermatological research test newly developed products to ensure they meet all current European and International standards. Its gel nail polishes and skincare products feature only high-quality ingredients and come in recyclable packaging. In fact, Silcare® offers a recycling programme of its own, offering one free product for every five empty bottles returned as part of its Eco Campaign.

Silcare® Gel Nail Products

Silcare® offers one of the most comprehensive collections of hybrid gel nail systems in the world, so finding the right one for your nail bar or salon is easy. Best-selling ranges include Flexy, Color IT Premium, The Garden of Colour, Color IT, Rock IT, Excellent, 10in1 Revolution, and Top of Tops. Each range comes with a unique base coat and top coat to ensure a perfect finish and a catalogue of colours, from pale pastels to vibrant neon shades.

Like most global gel nail polish brands, Silcare updates its collections throughout the year with colours inspired by the world of fashion, makeup, and design. All polishes are highly-pigmented, easy to apply following standard gel application practices (with an LED or UV lamp) and offer up to 14-days of chip-free wear.

You’ll find all the nail tools, accessories, and equipment you need to apply gel polish professionally in the Silcare® range, including foil remover wraps, nail art brushes, and UV/LED lamps.

Silcare® Flexy Hybrid Gel Polish

Silcare Flexy Hybrid Gel is the ultimate nail polish for professional applications. Easy to apply, it is slightly thicker than most varnishes available on the market today, and as such, a single stroke of the brush goes a long way. With its intensive pigmentation, Flexy Nail Polish ensures the perfect manicure every time and offers exceptional durability.

Flexy hybrid gel polish comes in a gorgeous selection of colours (over 200), and there are glitters and Silcare® Cat Eyes for those looking for some sparkle. There are two base coat options in the range, Flexy Hybrid Gel Solid Base and Flexy Hybrid Gel Keratin + Vitamins Base, to suit all nail types.

Silcare® Color IT Premium

Silcare Color IT Premium gel polish has an increased amount of pigment for intense colour. A popular choice with salon professionals worldwide, it is easy to apply with an LED or UV lamp, simple to remove with acetone or hybrid liquid remover, and a single manicure or pedicure can last two weeks or more.

There are over 300 colours to choose from in the Silcare Color IT Premium nail varnish collection, with ten shades of yellow alone. In this collection, you’ll also find Cat Eye Color IT Premium, which offers a cat-eye-like effect with layers of shimmer and sparkle, and Thermo Color IT Premium, with twelve temperature changing pastels. Finally, there’s the Unicorn Color IT Premium polish collection of hybrid gels that sparkle with rainbow glitter. Each colour comes in two shades, pastel and intense, to help you achieve a unicorn, rainbow, ombre look. It’s the stuff fairy tale manicures are made of.

Color it! Premium Hard Builder Base Coat comes in five different colours for nail repairs and reconstructions, while Color it! Premium Top Coat offers just the right amount of shine.

Silcare® Garden Of Colour

Silcare Garden of Colour hybrid gel polish is the most durable in the range. Its technologically advanced formula delivers intense, fresh, and shiny colour, even after two weeks of wear, and it offers perfect adhesion every time. It’s a popular choice for nail technicians and salon professionals, and it comes in 26 timeless colour choices to suit every taste.

In the Silcare® Garden of Colour Collection, there are several base coat and top coat options, including the Night Glow Top Coat that makes nails glow in the dark and the Peel Off Base Coat that facilitates UV gel polish removal. There are also plenty of nail art accessories, including the 3D Hybrid Gel and the 4D Hybrid Gel.

How To Apply Silcare® Gel Nail Polish

While LED/UV curing times differ slightly, depending on the product you choose, the application is the same across the Silcare® nail lacquer range:

  1. Manicure your nails as you would normally.
  2. Apply a thin layer of base coat, taking care to cap the free edges, and cure with an LED/UV lamp as indicated on the bottle.
  3. Apply a thin layer of your chosen Silcare® gel polish and cure with an LED/UV lamp as directed on the bottle.
  4. Repeat set three.
  5. Apply a thin layer of top coat taking care to cap the free edges, and cure with an LED/UV lamp as indicated on the bottle.
  6. Remove the sticky surface layer with a lint-free pad soaked in Silcare nail cleanser.
  7. Apply cuticle oil to rehydrate the nail bed.

How To Remove Silcare® Gel Nail Polish

You can remove any Silcare® Nail Polish in the same way that you would remove any gel polish:

  1. Soak a cotton pad or remover wrap with Silcare remover and wrap around the finger. Secure in place with a clip or foil.
  2. Leave the nails to soak for 10-15 minutes – or as directed.
  3. Twist gently to remove the wrap and as much gel polish as possible.
  4. Remove any remaining gel with an orangewood stick and pad soaked with nail polish remover.
  5. Rinse the hands and apply cuticle oil.

If the lacquer doesn’t come away easily, repeat the process a second time.

Why You Should Choose Silcare® Gel Nail Polish

If you are a nail care professional looking to expand your colour collection, Silcare® could be a perfect choice. It offers top-quality products at competitively low prices, and it has more colours than any other brand. All Silcare® gel nail polishes meet European standards, and they are easy to apply in the salon. For innovative, colour-rich nail care products, this Polish brand is hard to beat.