How To Remove Shellac Nail Polish.

How to remove shellac nail polish at home

Removing shellac nail polish without damaging your nails does not require the use of any expensive or elaborate products. Of course, I would recommend a visit to a highly recommended salon but by simply following these simple instructions you too will be able to change your shellac nail polish at home, whenever you want.

The nails of the average woman will grow for about two weeks before any noticeable growth can be seen, which is primarily why most shellac nail polish are designed to last for two weeks. Many people think that removing shellac nail polish is a tedious and often painstaking task you should not consider attempting on your own. Nonetheless, the truth is, with the right knowledge and proper materials you too can effectively remove your shellac nail polish without having to spend your time and money at your local nail salon.

If you were to look carefully around your house chances are that you'll probably find that you already have most of the raw material needed for you to remove your shellac nail polish. I will be showing you how you can actually make your very own wraps and save your cash.

List of things needed to remove your Shellac nail polish

  • Acetone (concentrated and not a nail polish remover containing acetone) preferably one that is enriched with vitamins
  • Five round cotton pads
  • A cuticle stick (orangewood stick)
  • Nail and cuticle oil
  • Some kitchen foil
  • A pair of scissors
  • Scotch tape

 Steps to remove your Shellac nail polish

The following steps will show you just how you can remove your shellac nail polish, whether it is because your nails have new growth or you just want a change of colour for your nails.

  • First you'll start with the kitchen foil. I recommend using a noteworthy brand such as Tesco, don't use the microwavable type. Cut away a strip of the kitchen foil just about twice the length of your fingertip. Fold it half of its length ensuring the polished side is on the inside. Then cut into segments of no more than three inches in length. You're going to make 10 of these, one for each finger.
  • Next, take your round cotton pads and cut each one on half so you'll have ten semicircular cotton pads. Now fold each one in half.
  • Place some of the acetone on each semicircular pad, one at a time and apply it to each nail. You'll need to ensure that the pad is placed firmly and touching against the entire nail. Secure the pad in place by wrapping a piece of the previously made three-inch foil strip firmly around your fingertip. You can then tape the foil around your finger to be more secure.


Important: Let it sit for about ten minutes from the time after you finished the first nail before removing. Do not leave your fingers wrapped longer than the ten minutes as the shellac will begin to bond to your nails again. Acetone does not dissolve shellac nail polish, it simply facilitates loosening off the polish so as to allow you to easily remove it.

(Note: Not only does the foil act by securing the cotton in place to allow removal of the shellac polish, but it also serves by slowing the rate of evaporation of the acetone ensuring the acetone remains long enough to effectively work.)

  • After you have removed the foils massage each nail with the cotton pad used subsequently using the cuticle stick to gently remove any remaining shellac polish. The polish should come off quite easily. During this process, it is important that you exercise some patience and not scrub or scrape at your nails. If you're having any difficulty pushing off the shellac polish simply take a freshly soaked cotton pad in acetone to rub it off
  • If you've had any experience with the use of acetone you'll know that it will dry your nails quite a bit. Using your favourite nail and cuticle oil, I recommend CND SolarOil, apply generously by rubbing into your cuticles and nails. While you're at it, pamper yourself and give your hands a thorough moisturizing treatment too!