How To Wear Glitter Nails – And Sparkle Like Never Before

How To Wear Glitter Nails – And Sparkle Like Never Before


Love it or hate it, Glitter Nails are here to stay, and if you intend to be the Belle of the Ball this festive season, it’s time to transform your talons with a sprinkling of Christmas sparkle.

I think most of us were surprised when glitter nails made a come back this year, but the fact that they featured on almost every runway, both here at home and overseas, just goes to show how popular this nail trend really is.

Fashion designers showcased glitter nails with both their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, proving that we don’t need to save it for December, and cosmetic brands embraced the trend by releasing a range of glitter products that would leave us shimmering from head-to-toe. But glitter in any form can be hard to pull off, particularly if you are over the age of 18, and if you want to look dazzling rather than dated, you need to do it right.


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The Power of Nail Polish

It’s no secret that nail polish is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry today. In fact, in a survey carried out by Jamberry in 2017, it was revealed that British women spend a whopping £161 million on their nails each years, and up to 128 million hours on nail art, manicures, and nail care, and so we can be in doubt that nail polish is one of the most powerful tools in our cosmetics collection.

So why do we spend so much time and money on our nails? Well, there are many different theories out there. It could be that we paint our nails to boost our mood, to add a pop of colour to a particular outfit, to feel more confident in a male-driven workplace, or simply because we love the appearance of well-groomed hands. But at the end of the day, do we really need a reason?

The beauty of nail polish is that its an affordable luxury that every women can enjoy. Much like jewellery and handbags, nail varnish is a fashion accessory that has the ability to update any outfit, and so you don’t have to splash out on a new dress for each new event, you can simply keep reinventing an old one with a nail colour that stands out… a glitter nail polish, for example.

Get Gorgeous with Glitter Nails

We have become a nation of nail polish addicts here in the UK, and glitter nail polish is just the next step in evolution. Try as you might, there is just no way to avoid this latest nail trend my fellow fashionistas, and so we’ve sourced some of the best glitter nail polishes available to help you achieve your diamond glow:

China Glaze You’re Too Sweet Nail Polish: China Glaze has embraced the glitter nails trend quite unlike any other nail polish brand. Almost every collection is sprinkled with glitter, and they’ve even dedicated an entire range to frosted fingertips – aptly called Star Hopping. Within this collection, you’ll find You’re Too Sweet, which is the perfect introduction to the world of glitter nail polish. It’s subtle yet shimmery, and it will go with every outfit, so it’s a great investment for your nail varnish kit.  In the same China Glaze Collection, you’ll find Counting Carats Nail Polish which is a luxurious champagne colour speckled with gold glitter. It’s just sooo glamorous, and it works beautifully with summer fashions and winter warmers, if you going to go for gold, go for this!

Shellac Blushing Topaz Nail Polish: From the Starstruck Collection, Blushing Topaz is a gorgeous rose pink nail varnish with matching pink glitter. It’s like a grown-up version of the glitter nail polish you wore as a little girl, just a bit more sophisticated. Feminine and easy to wear, it is a great choice for summer and winter. Other glitter nail varnishes by CND Shellac include Butterfly Queen, a stunning fuchsia shade, Garnet Glamour – made for the Christmas party, and Black Diamonds, which is an opaque black nail polish with silver glitter.

OPI Happy Anniversary Glitter Nail Polish: Incredibly subtle yet sparkly all the same, Happy Anniversary by OPI is an everyday glitter polish that will take you from the office to after-hours with ease. It is the perfect fusion of white and silver, with just the right amount of shimmer. OPI offers quite a selection of glitter nail varnishes, with classics such as Princess Rule! and Glitzerland, and new editions Gold Key to the Kingdom and Dreams on a Silver Platter, which are both stunning metallic glitter polishes for those who are looking for dramatic sparkle.

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Applying & Removing Glitter Nail Polish

When it comes to applying and removing glitter nail polish, well, it’s a tad trickier than your regular nail varnish, and nail prep is essential if you are to achieve an even finish:

  • Firstly, prepare your nails and cuticles as you would for any other manicure.
  • Apply a base coat.
  • Next, shake your glitter nail polish for at least a minute to lift the glitter than has fallen to the bottom of the bottle.
  • Apply the first coat as you would any other polish. There is every possibility that it will look uneven at this stage, so don’t worry if you have more glitter on one side of the nail than the other.
  • Apply the second coat but start on the side of the nail with less glitter. This should even things out nicely. Allow to dry complete, and then touch up areas that need it, taking care to use a very thin coat of polish each time.
  • Finally seal with the top coat.

Removing Glitter Nail Polish is done in the same way as any other polish, but you may find that you need to soak your nails longer, particular with gel polishes, to remove all traces from your nails. That said, there’s every chance that you will find the odd spot of glitter here and there for weeks – that’s glitter for you!

The time has come to take Rihanna’s advice and ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond’ ladies, and a great place to start is with glitter nails!