Nicely Polished Points

We try and stand out amongst the crowd by providing excellent service however we want to give our customers even more reasons to shop with us. If you shop with us and or promote our small business to your friends or work associates we will give you points which can be used to buy our products.

How to Get Nicely Polished Points

Here are the different ways you can earn them:

  • 2 points for every £1 you spend
  • 15 points for each review you submit (for products purchased)
  • 125 points when you refer a friend or associate and they place an order
  • 10 Points for a Facebook Share
  • 10 Points for a Google Plus Share
  • 10 Points for a Tweet

For every £1 you spend on Nicely Polished you will collect 2 loyalty points, you can even look to see how many points each product will make for you. You can also receive 15 points for each review you submit for products you have purchased on the Nicely Polished website (one per product).

If you are pleased with our service and products why not recommend them? You will earn 125 points when any person you have recommended us to places their first order - that’s worth £2.50 off your next purchase

All you have to do is send your friends a link and you will earn another 125 points when they make their first purchase. To send a link in three easy steps you just need to;

  1. Log in to your Nicely Polished account
  2. Click the "My Referrals" link on the left of the page
  3. Add your own message along with the name and email address of who you want to send it to (you can even share the link on your Facebook page to earn even more points)

Please note that to earn Nicely Polished points you must have a current Nicely Polished online account and order your products online.

For social media shares and likes – this is limited to 3 per month per customer (i.e max 30 points per month).


Please note that points will not be available for redemption until your order has been processed and dispatched. (i.e. points earned today cannot be redeemed today)

You can redeem the points as a discount against your next order in multiples of 450 (900, 1350... etc.). 450 points are equal to a £10 discount, there is no exchange value for cash.

  • Less than 450 points - Unable to redeem points,
  • 450 - 899 - Can redeem 450 points for a £10 discount,
  • 900 - 1349 - Can redeem 900 points for a £20 discount,
  • Higher values can be redeemed in multiples of 450,

Your order must be a minimum spend of £25 in order to apply your points and can only be used to redeem 40% of the order value at any one time.

All Nicely polished points will be valid for 12 months only after which will become obsolete.

Please Read Nicely Polished Full Terms and Conditions

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